Fafner Complete Series Blu-ray/DVD

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Fafner Complete Series Blu-ray / DVD Combo pack. Contains all 26 episodes. Special Features: Making of Fafner, Promotional Videos, DVD Commercials, Textless Openings, Textless Closings, Trailers.

Region Code: A, B / 1, 2, 4
Language: Japanese, English
Subtitles: English

"Are you there?"

Terrorized by a hostile alien race's mental warfare, humans hear only this question just before their lives are destroyed by the violent invaders. Kazuki and his classmates lay everything on the line to pilot their heavily guarded island's secret weapons: towering mechs for which only they are genetically qualified to control. With most of Earth in ruins, humanity's survival relies on these youths' selfless determination to protect the only home they know. But when each battle pushes the pilots to the brink of assimilation, who will protect them?


16x9   DUB   RC 1   RC 2   Reg C A   Reg C B   SUB  

Fafner Complete Series Blu-ray/DVD