Kokkoku Complete Collection Blu-ray

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Kokkoku Complete Collection Blu-ray, contains episodes 1-12. Special Features: Japanese Promos, Clean Opening Animation, Clean Closing Animation

Region Code: A
Language: Japanese, English
Subtitles: English

Juri Yukawa needs a timeout from her life. She's failed 19 job interviews, she's stuck living with her crazy family, and her chances of escaping to a life of her own are becoming increasingly remote. Suddenly, all of that becomes unimportant when her brother and nephew are kidnapped and held for an impossibly high ransom. That's when Juri's grandfather reveals an incredible secret: a mystical stone that allows Juri, her father and her Grandpa to enter the state of Stasis, where everyone else in the world is frozen in time! That should make rescuing their family easy, right? Wrong, because there's a sinister organization working against them who also can literally beat the clock!


16x9   DTS   DUB   Reg C A   SUB  

Kokkoku Complete Collection Blu-ray