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sukekiyo - INFINITUM Limited Edition. 2 CDs + Blu-ray

Voraussichtlich im Juni 2019 lieferbar

It has been about 1 year and 11 months since the audio & video compilation『ADORATIO』 was released back in June 2017, and now sukekiyo announced its new audio & video compilation『INFINITUM』 is going to be released on May 24th, 2019. The main theme of this compilation is an “infinite number of possibilities”, as from its title, a Latin word meaning “infinity”.
This product will come in a 3 discs package. The main disc (Audio Blu-spec CD2) will bring you 13 new songs, including a re-recorded version of 「kisses」, the venue only single released for the “sukekiyo2018 live: ‘Mania no Shikan’ -Shikkoku No Gi-”. The bonus disc (Audio Blu-spec CD2) will feature collaboration songs, while the bonus movie disc (Blu-ray) will bring you the music clip for sukekiyo’s latest song, along with a footage from the show from “sukekiyo2018 live: ‘Mania no Shikan’ -Shikkoku No Gi-” held on Nov. 15th, 2018 at Tokyo International Forum.

sukekiyo - INFINITUM Limited Edition PREORDER